Perfect for Cars and Trucks

Vehicle signs are the perfect way to display your company information on any car, truck or service vehicle. Magnetic Signs act as a rolling billboard, but unlike permanent signage for vehicles, like vinyl lettering, Magnetic Signs are removable and can be easily applied to rental cars, utility vehicles and more.

Materials & Design

Mr. Sign’s Magnetic Material signs are fabricated using High Performance Colored vinyl. Bright colors manufactured by Avery, Oracle, and 3M, are designed to last up to 7 years outdoors. High Format solvent digital printed signs also available.


Magnetic Signs are usually used in pairs and can be fabricated in any size up to 48 inches high.

When choosing your size, make sure that your sign will lay flat against the body of your vehicle and not overlay any trim or seams. Rounded corners help to keep your sign attached to the vehicle.

Most popular sizes are:
   12"x 24" and 9”x 22” - golden size standard for most vehicles,
   9"x 12” and 12” x 18” - for smaller cars and rear end magnetic signs.

1-4 sets — 1 full Business Day,
5-8 — in 3 full Business Days,

All signs guaranteed to be free of any physical damage upon delivery*



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